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Our FAQ answers some of the most asked questions about our beer dispensers. You can view them all, or click on a category if you have a specific problem you need answering.

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If you already have one of our dispensers and would like to purchase wine from us you will require a KeyKeg coupler.

The 20 litre and 30 litre KeyKegs are one-way disposable kegs which are recyclable, take up less space and lighter than transporting, storing and disposing of the equivalent number of bottles.

As KeyKegs are recycleable this negates the need for transporting kegs back to breweries, incurring more costs and wasting energy.

Shelf life is 6-12 months. Once opened it is 4-6 weeks, dependent upon the product being dispensed. When finished, de-pressurise the KeyKeg and recycle – saving the environment, time and money.

Smaller breweries may obtain manual filling connectors from us but for larger breweries production filling equipment is available.

Virtually any beverage can easily be put into KeyKegs e.g. beer, still wine, sparkling wine, real ale, lager, cider, carbonated drinks, etc.

Prosecco Italian sparkling wine is now available from us in 30 litre KeyKegs for weddings and special events. No more bottles to keep cold, open and dispose afterwards, please look at our full range of drinks available.

Anywhere! Because of the portability of the keg and our unique dispensers, beer can easily be dispensed at corporate events, festivals, in marquees or function rooms for weddings, garden parties, shows, BBQ’s, sporting events, conferences, fetes, etc.

By utilising a food-grade bag inside a plastic ball. The bag is filled with beer, or any other suitable beverage, and is dispensed by putting a propellant gas between the inner bag and the outer sphere of the ball, creating pressure and squeezing the product out of the bag , just like a pair of invisible hands.

As a result, this innovative concept ensures no propellant gas comes into contact with the beverage meaning KeyKegs can work with any gas, including compressed air, without compromising the life or quality of the beer. Our dispensers utilise an in built air compressor, meaning you have free, limitless propellant for all your kegs within one machine.

KeyKegs are an innovative way to dispense keg beer, cask conditioned beer, cider, wine, etc. are ideally suited for use with our dispensers.

If you experience any problems at all one of our technicians is always available to help on the telephone. From experience most problems can be rectified this way.

We have a disclaimer which the client must sign before we allow the dispenser to be used. This states that the dispenser is the responsibility of the customer whilst it is being used by the customer and that draughtbeeronline will be fully reimbursed for any damage/loss/theft of our dispensers.

Yes, if you’ve purchased keg connectors and tubing from us we can set up the beer lines to your requirements prior to packaging and delivery to you. This makes it simple for assembly after you take delivery.

If we are delivering the dispenser to the function/event we will set it up for you if all the facilities are in place. All we need is a small table and one plug socket relatively close by. If keg beer is available when we deliver, either through yourselves or from us, we can test everything is working and show you how to operate the machine.

We deliver our dispensers for purchases right across the UK mainland. If you do not live on the UK mainland, please call us.

For our hiring delivery area please click here. We cover the majority of the UK and Scotland.

Yes, we provide a one year warranty from date of despatch.

You should rinse the dispenser through with water after every use. It is recommended to use a bleach solution for more thorough cleans (i.e. once a month). Standard beer line cleaning fluid is available from most wholesalers. To rinse/clean your system, a cleaning bottle should be used with a female adapter that matches your keg connector. We sell cleaning bottles in our accessories section and can easily add this to your order. All our dispensers come with a step by step guide which includes how to clean your dispenser with the help of a cleaning bottle.

All dispensers depicting a K at the end of their product name indicate that they have an onboard compressor. With the compressor the keg can be pressurised using compressed air as the propellant to dispense the product without the need for bottle gas. This is ideal for events, weddings and functions where large quantities are consumed. We recommend using bottle gas for applications where the beer is needed to be kept for a longer period of time (i.e. home bar). Using the compressor tends to reduce the life of the product. All our dispensers work with gas but the dispensers with an onboard compressor give you the added advantage of total portability for events where a quantity of beer will be used in a short period of time.

Delivery for all our coolers vary, please check each product for delivery costs. If you are ordering more than two keg connectors or a cleaning bottle there will be a charge of £10.95 + VAT. Our typical delivery time is 1-3 working days. Please see our Terms & Conditions for more details.

We sell disposable pint glasses in packs of 50.

Beer tubing is supplied with the machine but we do not include keg connectors. You can purchase keg connectors from our accessories section. If you purchase keg connectors from us we will ensure you have all the John Guest fittings you need to connect your system up. The tubes simply slide into place. All our dispensers come with a step by step guide to set up your machine. If you have any queries please do not hesitate to call us and we will be happy to guide you through the process over the phone.

What keg connector do I need?

The pressure generated by the onboard compressor is similar to that of a CO2 bottle. Therefore you should be able to have it the same distance as a conventional bar set up.

Unfortunately we do not provide staff for events.